Tuesday, June 9, 2015

James - 7 Months

James, you are seven months old! You are a growing, bouncing, thriving baby boy!

I imagine you weigh about 23-24 lbs. You're growing out of clothes so fast...all the new clothes we're buying are 18 months! Size 3 diapers are getting snug.
Here's what else is up with you this month:

- You're so close to crawling! You kinda scoot around army-crawl style, and you get up on all fours and rock back and forth, so I know you will take off any day now. In the meantime you can boogie all over the place via rolling! 

- You are trying out all sorts of new foods. Highlights include sweet potatoes, green beans, and peaches. You've also started puffs, which you love! It's so nice to be able to give you something to snack on. You're also still liking oatmeal and bananas. We've discovered that the first time you try something, you don't like it and make a face. But after that initial feeding you seem to warm up to most things. I look forward to when you can eat regular food...you watch our plates like a baby hawk! Right now you eat food at breakfast and dinner. You have a witching hour most evenings and usually fuss through dinner, probably because you're not napping a lot. You are still nursing and it's going well, unless you're cutting teeth in which case you bite! Ouch!
- You have two teeth on the bottom and it won't be long before the top two come through. Those tops are the absolute worst, in my opinion! I don't think they're imminent, but they're certainly causing you some grief. I know they'll look super cute though when they do make their appearance!

- Sleep: Oh Lawd, I have spent more time this month stressing over your sleep than I can count! Our challenge has been naps...a few weeks ago you straight up quit napping unless you were with me. You wouldn't nap in your crib at all. Don't get me wrong...I love for you to nap on me/with me, but with another little one to care for and laundry and chores that are about to eat me alive most days, this wasn't gonna work. Claire went through this same stuff too when she was this age, but she could nap in her swing. You are too big for that and the rock n play though, so we've been really working on those crib naps. You are improving and most days lately you nap at least some in your crib. Your naps are usually very short...an hour at most, and sometimes less than 10 minutes. It's a process and we'll get there! People talk about the exhaustion of having a newborn, and I get that, but to me this stage is the most exhausting between teething, separation anxiety, and fighting sleep. The exhaustion has been unreal lately and finding the time to even take a shower is nearly impossible. The good news is that since you don't nap much during the day, you sleep better at night. Some nights you wake up right after we put you down and have to have your paci put back in, but after that you usually only wake up once to eat, usually between 3-5 am. You go to sleep most nights between 7:30-8 and get up for the day around 7 or so.
- You weren't really into the pacifier a few months back, but now you are taking one more. We got you the bigger MAM ones (just like sissy-we are a MAM family!) and you like them better. It's nice to have a quick way to soothe you. 

- You drink water out of a sippy cup now and really like it. We usually help you drink but you're getting better at handling the cup on your own. You love to chew on the spout! 
- You love your big sister so much! You are fascinated by everything she does and get the biggest smile on your face when you see her. It's really sweet! With you becoming more active and playing, y'all are interacting more and it's just so neat to see. Claire has always been sweet to you, but she's more interested in you lately and y'all have become big buddies. 

Current nicknames: Jamesie, Jamesie-boy, Munch, J-bird, buddy, buddy boy, "little handsome baby"

Favorite toys: stuffed stop sign rattle, mega blocks, toy hammer
Jamesie, you're such a sweetheart! You are a special child and you love to be with your people. We can't imagine life without you. Love you so much!


Saturday, May 9, 2015

James - 6 Months

James, you are six months old! How has it already been half a year since I first saw your sweet face? It's amazing how quickly a little person captures your heart and makes life hard to remember before them. We are so glad you're ours, sweet man.
Here are all your particulars:
Height: 29 inches - 99.99th percentile
Weight: 22 lbs, 7 ounces - 98th percentile
Head: 17.75 inches - 92nd percentile

You can still fit in 9 month clothes, but 12 months fits you better. It's really fun starting a new season with you and dressing you up in summer duds. You currently wear size 3 diapers. 
Here's what else you've been doing:

-You are large and in charge! Your doctor says you're the size of an average 11 month old! We were already planning to move you to a convertible carseat soon, but I ended up ordering it right after your 6 month appointment because your doctor said you'd outgrown the infant seat. You seem a lot happier now that you can sit up and see more in the car.

- You can sit up unassisted now! You look so cute sitting up all big and strong, and you really seem to enjoy your new viewpoint of the world! You also roll around a lot these days.

- Your two bottom teeth finally came through! They'd been a long time coming...teething has not been fun. You already had an infectious smile, but those two little pearls make it even more contagious! We can see the top two teeth through the front of your gums and your doctor says they'll be coming through in a month or so. 
- We've been feeding you rice cereal for a month. Now you've tried bananas...initially you didn't like them, but you seem to be warming up to them a bit. Lately we've been giving you oatmeal in place of the rice cereal, and just like Claire, you seem to prefer it.

- It's been an interesting (read: challenging) month for our family. Claire came down with the flu in mid-April and then it spread through the family like wildfire. First me and Pinky, then Daddy, then Papaw. Thankfully, with the help of Tamiflu you didn't get it...which shocks me considering everyone else in the house did.We were so cautious all winter during cold and flu season with you being a newborn...we all got flu shots before you were born, etc...but spring has been a sick season for us. Daddy and I had a rough time taking care of you and your sister while she was sick and you were cutting those gorgeous new teeth, all while we had the flu! You did come down with a different virus a few weeks later, right around your six month birthday...you had fever, runny nose, watery eyes, and a cough. 

- You're going through a clingy phase and have been pretty fussy lately. People look at me like I'm nuts when I say that because you're such a happy, social little guy...but that's just it...you are social, you don't like to be alone. Lately, when we're not with other people, if me or your dad aren't holding you or right near you, you are most likely upset. It makes for some tricky situations, especially during the weekdays when I'm by myself with you and Claire. She went through the same thing at this age and I know it's just a phase. Your doctor also says this is just a personality thing. You are such a sweet boy and we don't want you to be upset. :(

- Between sickness, teething, and all the other craziness, it's no wonder you aren't sleeping well. You wake up quite a bit at night and you're not napping well. I'm trying out different things to see if we can improve the nap situation...your little stinker of a sister has a habit of sabotaging your morning nap. You don't really care to nap outside of my arms....some days you're only napping on your own for an hour all day!!!!!!!!!!! This is far too little...hoping we can get things figured out and into more of a routine soon. 

- We had you dedicated at church on Mother's Day, the day after you turned six months old. It was a sweet day with family. You are such a blessing to us.

Current nicknames: Jamesie, Jamesie-Boy, Crinkle Cut (because of the shape your eyes make when you smile), J-Bird, Drum
Favorite toys: Stuffed construction set, especially the little stop sign, all your teethers, toy car and football, xylophone and other musical toys, blocks you can bang together
James, you are just the best little man for our family! Your smile lights up the whole room...heck, I think it could bring about world peace! We are so thankful for you. Love you to the moon and back, sweet boy.



Thursday, April 9, 2015

James - 5 Months

James, you are five months old! Time is really flying now and you're growing up before our very eyes!

You weigh about 21.5 lbs. You're a really big boy! Some of your 3-6 month clothes still fit, but you're moving into 9 month size now. You wear size 3 diapers.
Here's what else is going on with you these days: 

- You're really into jumping up and down. You like the exersaucer and "dropping it like it's hot" when we stand you up in our laps! It's so cute!
- You can roll both ways now and you're pretty close to sitting up. You're definitely in a period of rapid development.

- You're still teething but there's no teeth yet. Unfortunately you're in a lot of pain and pretty fussy. You chew on everything you can get your hands on. We're all praying you can get some relief soon!
- You're a charmer and you love being with people and interacting! You have such a sweet disposition and you love to smile. It's the best! The flipside of being so social is that you don't being alone. This makes for some tricky days for me at home with you and your sister. You love being held and don't like being put down. 
- You are a little clone of your daddy...just like I hoped for. When you smile, you have the exact same crinkle half-moon eyes! What a blessing you are to us! For this month's pictures you're wearing one of Daddy's outfits from when he was a baby. You're absolutely precious! I need to get a baby picture of him wearing it so I can do a side-by-side comparison!

- We spent your first Easter in Sugar Land with family! It was a great weekend. It was so fun to dress you up in your sweet little outfit and go through your goodies from the Easter bunny! 
- You startle very easily. You got that from me, poor baby. Prepare for a lifetime of jumping out of your skin when someone comes up behind you, little buddy. Sorry 'bout that!
- We've started you on rice cereal and you seem to like it pretty well. We're just so glad we can finally feed you something! We'll move on to oatmeal, fruit, and veggies next month. Anything to keep those chunky thighs going...they are epic!!! You get those from your mama, too! ;)
Current nicknames: Jamesie, Gigi and Poppy call you Jaybird, Pinky calls you Drum (as in drumstick), Gracie calls you "little handsome baby!"
Favorite toys: You're a fan of the exersaucer! You also love this old giraffe teether my parents have...it's vintage! It came from my grandparents house and all of us grandkids used it...we think it's the original Sophie!
James, you are the perfect little dude and we couldn't love you more! Here's to another fun month!


Monday, March 9, 2015

James - 4 Months

James, you are four months old! Another month has passed and I can't believe it. You're growing so big, so fast! You're becoming less of a newborn and growing more alert and aware of things around you. It's exciting because there's so many fun things on the horizon, but since there's a good chance you're our last little baby, another part of me is selfishly sad to see you growing up so quickly. 

Your stats:

Height: 27 inches - 99th percentile
Weight: 19 lbs, 8 ozs - 98th percentile
Head: 17 inches - 91st percentile
You are huge, no offense. ;) When you're just wearing a diaper, you look like a baby sumo wrestler! You're growing out of your 3-6 month clothes and I'm hoping with the weather warming up we can get you into all your Spring/Summer clothes before you grow out of those too! You wear size 3 diapers.
Here's what else you're up to:

- You rolled over for the first time on March 2nd from tummy to back! You've only done it a couple times since. You seem to really want to sit up, and you love when we stand you up. You're super strong...you're basically a baby super hero. Despite being younger, I think you're going to make a very nice bodyguard for your sister when the teenage years roll around!
- You're definitely noticing food now and seem very interested. You always sit on the table in your bumbo seat with us while we eat dinner, and you've gone from watching us to watching our food! Poor baby is hungry! We're looking forward to cereal and other foods soon. You're still nursing often...every 2 hours or so. Sometimes less often if we're out and about and sometimes more often if you don't have a big feeding after waking up or something.
- Teething is definitely going on! You're drooling up a storm and constantly have your fingers/hands in your mouth, or a blanket or our fingers if we let you. Your doctor checked and says there's no teeth coming in the next 2 weeks, but I wonder if something might happen soon after that. Your top front gums seem like they might be the first to sprout a tooth, but we'll see! You're wearing an amber teething necklace and I think it's helping some with the drooling.
- The time around 4 months has been a game changer for both my babies. It's almost like that's when you realize you're not in the womb anymore, and you're not crazy about it. You're just more fussy than you've been previously and you don't want to be put down. I'm sure teething is contributing too. Of course I wish I could hold you all the time, but it's hard with your sister being barely 2 years old. I sure wish I had an extra hand or three!
- You're also not sleeping as well. Up until recently, you've been in a pattern of going to sleep around 9 pm in your crib, maybe needing a paci once or twice in the late evening, then eating around 2 am, and then coming to our room sometimes between 5-7 am to eat and then finish sleeping in the rock n play. You've had a couple really bad nights where you're up a lot more recently, leading me to think you've hit the 4 month sleep regression. Hopefully it will be short lived...your sister never really slept through the night again after that until she turned 1, but I think/hope you might be a better sleeper than she was.
- You are such a sweet little guy! You're absolute favorite thing is to interact with people. You smile a lot and like to talk and make noises. You're a people person, for sure, and everyone just loves you right back!
Current nicknames: Jamesie, Jay-bird, little man, sweet boy, buddy/baby buddy

Favorite toys: Your teething giraffe, your jungle gym, your stuffed elephant (your love to chew on his nose), and anything else you can chew on!
Jamesie-boy, you are the sweetest little boy in the world! We just love you to pieces. 2015 has been a pretty tough year for my family so far, with several family members dealing with very serious health issues. You have been such a bright spot for everyone, reminding us how much hope and joy there is in a new generation. I couldn't love you more!


Monday, February 9, 2015

James - 3 Months

James, you are three months old! We made it through the "fourth trimester." You are just the sweetest, happiest boy and I can't imagine life without you!

I don't know your weight, but you're definitely growing bigger everday! You wear mostly 3-6 month clothes and size 2 diapers. You have some seriously squeezable thigh rolls!
Here's what else you're doing these days:

- You love to interact with people. You almost always smile when someone talks to you, and you love when we sing to you. You're very charming. You just have this big beautiful grin that's totally contagious! I've never seen anything like it, it's absolutely precious.
- You love to eat and have started actually smiling when you realize you're about to dine at the boob buffet! You eat frequently during the day, which I think helps you sleep better at night.

- You're sleeping in your crib at night now. We moved your last weekend and you're doing well with the transition. Before moving, you were basically sleeping through the night, but now you're getting up more to eat or need your pacifier put back in. We've definitely had great success in getting your schedule back on track in the last month...you're awake more during the day and going down for the night around 9 pm instead of 2 am!!
- We've started putting you in the bumbo seat and you seem to like it. You sit on the table in it every night while we eat dinner, and it's really fun having you with us. The seat is pink since it was Claire's first, but you're very confident in your manliness and don't seem to mind. ;)

- We've been working on tummy time. You're really strong and can push off with your legs. Sometimes I think you might just crawl if the boppy pillow wasn't in your way! You're also still enjoying your jungle gym. Recently I've been putting you in the swing more and you love to watch the birds dance around above you on the mobile. You stare at them in absolute wonder until you pass out!
- You chew on your hands and fists a ton! Sometimes it's hunger, but sometimes you're just chewing. I'm hoping this isn't a sign that you're about to start teething. Mama ain't ready for that! You've been spitting up a lot lately. It doesn't seem to really bother you and you're eating and growing well, so I'm not too concerned about it. Like your daddy and sister, you've been dealing with a little bit of congestion over the last couple weeks. I'm pretty sure it's just those dang Austin allergies. 

- Your current nicknames are Jamesie, Baby Jay (sometimes we can get Claire to call you this; otherwise it's just Baby), sweet boy, little man, and sweet man.
Jamesie, we love you so much! You bring so much sweetness to our family. There is nothing better than holding you in my arms while you sleep, and I treasure it so much.

We love you to the moon and back!

Friday, January 23, 2015

Claire - 2 Years

Claire Campbell, you are 2 years old! You are growing so quickly. You're such a hilarious, sweet, intelligent, independent, and beautiful kid. Just when I think I can't possibly love you more than I already do, you do something new and adorable and my love grows a little bit more.

Your stats:

Height: 36 inches - 94th percentile
Weight: 30 lbs - 91st percentile (I think you may actually weigh a bit more, but you were getting over a tummy bug.)
Head: 20 inches - 99th percentile...Your reign as Big Head Todd continues!

You're still wearing some 24 month clothes, but mostly 2T and even some 3T. You wear size 5 diapers.
Here's what else you're up to these days:

- You are talking up a storm! Everyday you say some new word or phrase. It's really amazing to watch you take on new language.

- You know all your colors and quite a few of your letters. Your doctor says the colors are a 4 year skill?!? You're obsessed with colors and love to color...maybe a budding artist like your Daddy? I really don't like when people brag obnoxiously about their kids, but these posts are really for you to look at someday and know what you were doing. You blow us away on a daily basis! You make all sorts of multi-step cognitive connections. It's just really incredible to see what you can do at just 2, and to imagine what you'll be doing in the future. The other day you drew the letter N (not sure if it was intentional) and pointed at it and told me it was an N. I attribute it all to the ABC book we read daily and all those letter apps on the iPad. People can say what they want about kids using technology, but you have certainly benefitted from it.
- You're very busy and love to play! Right now you are really into playing with your babydolls and your new toy kitchen. You also love your toy cars and reading. You're really into watching toy demonstration videos on Youtube...who knew there were so many of those things? Above all, Mickey Mouse (aka "Ninny Now") is your absolute favorite thing in the world!
- You're a bit of a wild child! You are always on the move and constantly getting into stuff. When we're out at places with other kids, you're always the one leaving the spot everyone's at to go explore in another area.You definitely keep us on our toes! A couple weeks ago we went with Pinky, Aunt Dizzie, and Gracie to the movies to see Paddington Bear. At first, you sat in your seat and watched the movie. Before long though, your wild child (and lack of a real nap) kicked in and before long, you were crawling up and down the aisle pretending to be a cat and then I chased after you as you crawled down the steps headfirst. As your Pinky used to say about me, you are "spirited", and I often find myself conflicted over how much to reign you in and not wanting to squelch your spirit.

- You are obsessed with brushing your teeth. Not a day goes by that you don't go pull your toothbrush and paste out of the bathroom drawer and carry them around to play. You have multiple toothbrushes...several dummies that you can drag around with you and gather all manner of germs, and then the real one that's kept just out of your reach on the bathroom counter.
 - Most days you take around a 2 hour afternoon nap. We put you to bed for the night between 8-9 pm and it usually takes you a long time to fall asleep, so your wake time really varies. Right now, it's usually 8ish, sometimes 9. Right before James was born, you jumped out of your crib and we had to convert your crib into a toddler bed way before we planned (nice timing, kid!). That really turned your sleeping habits on their head...you started exploring your room and playing for hours, sometimes falling asleep on the floor. You took a long time to go to sleep before the bed switch, but this definitely increased it. Thankfully, you now stay in your bed for the most part.
- You've handled becoming a big sister beautifully! I really worried about it, because you would get pretty upset everytime I held another baby when I was pregnant. But you've always been really sweet and welcoming to Baby James. I can't wait to see y'all play together soon! 

- Your current nicknames are NerNer (see below), Clairebear, Tootie, and Toot.
- We had a great time celebrating your birthday! Gigi and Poppy came and spent a few days with us, which was super fun! On your birthday, we went to a yummy breakfast at Kerbey Lane and to the Austin Aquarium (we went there on your first birthday too!. That evening we had a small family party, Mickey Mouse-themed, of course. It was a wonderful day celebrating you!
You say so many hilarious things and I have to document them:

- "Daddy, a hot!" means you want a fire in the fireplace.

- "Purple-pink" is what you call your beloved purple nighttime paci and many other things that are either pink or purple.

- "Yaya" means Santa...we still sing "Santa Claus is coming to Town" and Deer aka "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer" every day. I kinda hope this lasts all year long!

- "NerNer" - this is how you refer to yourself. I think it's your way of saying Clairebear, which you're called frequently. You started saying this a lot around the holidays and it took us about a month to figure out what you were saying. I can't tell you how much it makes us giggle! NerNer baby = Claire's babydoll, NerNer paci = Claire's paci. So so cute!

- "Yook" is look. All your Ys are Ls right now, hence you say "Heyyo" for hello. You're really into asking people to look at something. "Poppy, yook", etc.

- "Happy?" or more recently "What happy?" is your way of asking what happened.

Claire, you are an absolute joy to us, and we love watching you grow into the amazing little person you are. Not a day goes by that Daddy and I don't talk about how wonderful you are and how much we love you. You will always be my baby, no matter how old you are.

I love you to the moon and back!